Extreme Sport Fishing

become a world-class angler!

Catch big fish, collect fishing gear, compete in champs or duels!


Grab your professional fishing tackle and go on an extreme and thrilling fishing adventure! Join this elite fishing club and catch a real trophy.
Watch videos for replays of the most spectacular fishings, tips on catching the fish you need and sneakpeeks of what's coming!


Extreme Sport Fishing is a mobile fishing simulator of the highest quality. As a result of deep passion for fishing and digital entertainment the game offers all the best gaming aspects wrapped in attractive and vivid 3D graphics.

BONUSES IMPROVEMENTS Rarity of the fish is indicated in bonuses; bonuses are displayed in the lure choice window in a duel
NEW BONUS ANIMATION New animation of bonuses drawing
ROD PROGRESS INDICATION The progress of the rod is indicated on the equipment icon on the main screen
BUGS FIXED! We have fixed many bugs you’ve reported!

PLAYER’S PROFILE! Share with the fishing world your profile
NEW INFORMATION ABOUT THE FISH YOU’VE CAUGHT! Learn more about the fish thanks to the brand new pop-up design
CHANGES IN THE TUTORIAL! Even more engaging
SPECIAL EFFECTS WHEN UNCOVERING LURES! Feel the thrill of uncovering new lures

Engaging gameplay, careful planning, real emotions. All details of the game are carefully planned to give you everything you are searching for in a simulation game – realism, community, competition, rivalry, suspense, excitement, challenge and adventure.